Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MultiMedia Mind

This is the kitchen in the back of the house.
This is not my turf simply because my sisters does most of the cooking.
But this week I was left alone to fend for myself
and the first order of the day is to prepare my meals!

I got these stuff from the vegetable bin while toying with several ideas for some creative projects and the schedules that I need to confirm later . . .

I decided to add some more veggies and thought that maybe I should just make a pasta dish. I also thought that maybe I should give my dog Sweepy a bath! And I suddenly got flash random images that I needed to add to my mixed media project!

But just then I heard Petrocelli, the stray cat on the roof, which we feed regularly. I decided to get some tuna sausages to add to my pasta dish and maybe some cheese?
I gathered the peelings and got a slice of the sausage and carried all of these to take outside of the kitchen . . .
The peelings go to the compost pit where my trees Yvon and Chicky and my dead pets are buried . . . AND a piece of the tuna sausage for Petrocelli's appetizer ;-)

On the way back to the kitchen I excitedly remembered some art events that I need to schedule for the week, decided against giving Sweepy a bath, decided to move some stuff from one room to the other while wondering how long will this kitchen episode last until I can get back to real work!
. . . so in between sauteeing my ingredients for the pasta dish, I returned some text messages, answered a phone call, retrieved the mails from the postman at the gate, gave Sweepy a hug, gave Petrocelli some water, wrote down my earlier ideas for my painting project and as soon as the pasta dish was cooked, my mind was on overdrive the whole time!

Yes, I am super hyperactive.
Last February when my alpha dog Sumo died and I was doing several projects, my throat got swollen. My throat is the first area that suffers from my hyper self when something grave happens and I am busy working on several projects.

Another thing that gets affected are my gadgets:
my mobile phone, Luchie's PC, my PC, Sweepy's phone
(yes, my superdog has his own phone!)
and the laptop that belonged to my friend
(I help manage some sites and that got affected too!)

Thoughts and gadgets exude energies
that, even if unseen, does go into a haywire mode
and affect each other . . .

The climate goes from super hot to rainy
and schedules are broken and set
and friends come and go
the new ones inquire together with the old ones
and one wonders why, inspite of the confusion,
life goes on
and so is mine.

Suffice it to say
I'm OK and enjoying the sabbatical . . .


The Chair Speaks said...

We're so glad you're back! Your silence made us wonder and worried. We miss you!

The pasta looks delicious. And Petrocelli's got a good lunch too.

Gattina said...

Looks all very yummy, the kitty must love it !

Denise said...

Hello My Dear Friend, I have been away too long and have loved visiting you today, and loved reading this post. I have never heard of Tuna Sausage before, it sounds like would be delicious along with all the other ingredients in your meal. Thank you so much for my birthday greetings. It was set with trauma as my father-in-law fell and broke his hip/thigh bone, a birthday I will never forget this year :( He is doing well though after his operation to repair his leg, so we are counting our blessings. I promise I won't be gone too long before I visit again. Have a great week! Denise x

Lisa Gordon said...

Hi Lui!!!
So glad you are doing okay.
It sounds like you are very busy.
Please give my sweet big boy a big hug!

Connie Smiley said...

Glad you're ok, Lui, and thanks for passing on all that beauty! Your veggies are a work of art! Please give Sweepy a pat for me.

Viola said...

So nice to see you here again and so nice to read about you! :)

Your pasta sauce looks great, real yummy and - most like the vegetables I use when cooking.. :) except I do not eat pasta any more (read seldom)..
It's the first time I see tuna sausages, they just look so alike pork sausages!

But Lui, sit down and do some meditations.. that's good for your head and your body! :)

Such a cosy kitshen you have! :)

Lovely days wishing you with a hug! :)

Lui said...

Hi Viola!
I was born with hyperactive brain which is quite manageable without drugs, thank God!

I think I better post something about this next time . . .