Monday, July 23, 2012

Petrocelli in Monochrome

I am updating this post.
Originally I planned on linking to Dragonstar
but failed to do it. . . .

To regular readers of my blog
Petrocelli is a stray cat we feed on the roof.
Why the roof?
I have a superdog (whatever it means!)
and quite protective of strangers.

So on most days I call for Petrocelli.
 I see him hurrying from across the street.
I must tell you that I have a loud voice ;-)
 Petrocelli probably can hear me from wherever he is in our neighborhood!
Now after rushing, he takes a breather and watches me from the fence!

And after catching his breath, Petrocelli jumps to the walls!
 Sweepy is not pleased.
I am kindda amused when Sweepy barks
because it provides great exercise for a senior dog ;-)

 Sweepy then rushes to the other side of the walls
to anticipate Petrocelli . . .
 . . . and there he goes!
 Petrocelli takes a second rest to give Sweepy a bored look ;-)

And after laughing out loud from this exploits
I rush my treat to Petrocelli (tuna sausage!)
I hauled in his direction!

 Petrocelli catches it and takes his exit.
His treat is our little secret ;-)

 Although I doubt if my superdog Sweepy knows.
After all, he is not super for nothing. . .

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Viola said...

Hello and congratulations with your new blog! Just now I found the comment form..Such a lovely photo of Petrocelli! :)
So glad to find your post here, so I know everything is all right - I hope!

Our kisses from Pusa and Viola
to Sweepy and you! :)