Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Hound In Heaven!

We got this new hound last September.
Oh what was I thinking!
I work 3 days in a week now
(I consider this as full time work ;-))

So you wondered why and how this can happen:
 That is my 10 year old superdog Sweepy's paw on the right.
On the left is Babur's paw.
A month old pup brought by our former maid to our house
knowing I won't be able to say no to adoption.

Of course Myrna, our former maid, is wrong.
I always say no to adoption
especially when I had several dogs
and the knowledge that I would not be able to care well for them.
I may love animals but I can say no to them.

But when Babur was sent to me . . .
 , , , , I said yes right away!
Sweepy is the only dog left (Sumo passed away)
and how can I say no to a face like this:

I'm a sucker for cute faces.
I know I am too busy to adopt now
but so what!

There is always room for love . . .
. . . just as I hope my superdog Sweepy will also find room in his heart for it.

Super update next time , , ,