Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Am Back...Again!

It may seem that I am gone for a long time
and that I was sick or something
but I am OK, and holding on . . .

May got me busy with several projects
and most of my gadgets went pffft
and the weather was unbearably HOT
and I demanded more ME time
(to be able to do the things I needed to do)
and I forgot to inform most of you.
And for that I'm sorry . . .
 But Heaven is OK.
Brooke, one of the orchids, has several blooms, as you can see
and my superdog Sweepy is jut as OK:
Now the problem is how to update
using this new blog
(which means I needed to redesign using unfamiliar PCs)
and hoping to lead old friends to this as well.
It will come.
Hopefully, sooner that I wish...

1 comment:

Viola said...

Lovely photos Lui! :)

I hope ou'll be able to update etc..
Glad to see you again! :)