Monday, August 27, 2012

The Mandevilla in Heaven

 . . . is the witness to the turbulent weather we had for months!

 . . . for even during the hot days as the sun shone on us
the rainy month of June to August
showered us with sudden rains
filling up the buds of Mandevilla!

 I come home knowing the plants were watered by nature . . .
as if helping me keep up with domestic chores
when I am away working . . .

I am reassured knowing in my absence
its inner core are caressed and nurtured by the power of the sun!

 . . . as new buds kept sprouting in such harsh weather . . .

. . . and surviving merrily on its way . . .

And just like the Mandevilla . . .
the rest of Heaven is OK.
We were all busy with work commitments
(I trouble-shoot ailing art groups and projects)
and I simply leave everything to God
to watch my Heaven and my hounds
as I merrily survive the changing energies . . .
 Heaven is OK.
Even if at times I am not always here . . .

And to all those who sent us happy notes
thank you for such loving and warm energies!
Heaven is special because you all made it so.

Sweepy just competed in the pet olympics
and you can see his action HERE.

6 comments: said...

I'm so glad to hear from you again! These are beautiful shots of the mandevilla flowers.

Lisa Gordon said...

I am glad all is okay Lui!
I sure miss your presence here, but I am glad that you are happily busy.

Unfortunately, we can only grow Mandevillas inside here. The winters are too cold for them. It must be wonderful to have them growing outside.

You take care sweet friend, and I'll "see" you the next time you are here.


Viola said...

Hello and so good to see you here again! :)We are so glad everything is fine with you! :)

Lovely photos and your flowers are sooo beautiful! The nature and the power of the sun do them well, even the rain! I love the drops on the one here! :)

Now I'm off for Sweepy's blog! :)

Viola :)
Pusa ^^)

DeniseinVA said...

Sorry Lui, I thought I had dropped in on this one. Beautiful post and lovely photos. Not sure what's going on with TF still but I have gotten written to Luiz in the hopes that all is well with him. Not heard anything back yet and it may be that he is extra busy. Have a great week my friend.

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Lui, just wanted to let you know that Today's Flowers is up and running again, and this week's entry is ready to go. Hope you are having a great start to the week my friend. I loved looking at these flowers and the black and whites were cute.

Viola said...

You bet-

we miss you too!! =) ^^)