Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 Meet Leo.
People say I only feed stray animals.
Well, I also feed Leo.

 My dog Sweepy gets antsy 
when people stay at our gate.
Dogs are protective of their territory
and even if Leo is a regular visitor at our gate
he gets barked at by Sweepy.
Leo is deaf mute but we understand each other.
Leo would simply make a sign language
and I knew instantly that he is hungry.
I can't afford to adopt but I surely can afford to feed Leo
whenever he visits . . .

I am doing some illustrations when Leo passed by
so I invited him to join me:
I started writing his name and mine
and he got them perfectly.
I figured he must have studied in a school.
I thought he is a stray kid who lives in the slum (informal dwellers)
but in my community some of these kids go to the public school.

 Then Leo made a drawing of a house.
He indicated that it was something he wanted.
A big house with trees, animals, a car, fruits, etc.
Then he was done drawing.
He had his snacks earlier
and now it is time to move on . . .

 Leo made this drawing of me!
He seemed proud to make me his friend.
Just as I am to be his.

So you see I try to extend a hand to passersby down Heaven.
And even if Sweepy growls angrily
he surely is proud to call my attention
to people like Leo
and cats like Petrocelli.

Btw, Sweepy is part of the pet olympics.
Check out his blog!


Plant Chaser said...

How nice of you to take Leo on even as a guest to play with. Maybe your community school has no program for special children which is why he visits you. Your kindness make me feel proud to know you as well. -- Bom @ Plant Chaser

Viola said...

How kind of you Lui, to give Leo some snacks and food and to paint with him as a friend! You have a good heart Lui! :)
An he is good in drawing! :)

So nice to say hello to you and Sweepy from me and Pusa :) ^^)

But tell me, are you all doing fine? I heard about the bad floods where you live, please tell me you are in good condition!